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The Suri Alpaca Experience

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Farm Tours

Farm Tours Available by Reservation... Rain or Shine!!!

Come visit our adorable alpacas, guaranteed to put a smile on your face.    Price:  Adults: $15 , Children (under 18) , $10 for a 45 minute tour, limited to 8 people per tour.  For larger group please call or email to arrange.  Children under 16 need to be supervised by an adult.  Our barn tour includes viewing and learning about the daily life and needs of raising an alpaca.  Feel the softness of their fleece and experience their gentle lips as you feed them.   Have you ever wondered the differences between alpacas and llamas?  This is your chance to find out because we have both.

Come experience what these animals have to offer beyond their amazing fiber. Suri alpacas are known for their luxurious, softer than cashmere fleece.  Even their alpaca beans (poop) are referred to as alpaca gold, and is used for its plant enhancing properties.  After the tour you will have the opportunity to see a wide selection of alpaca products in our farm store.  Wear boots, be sure to bring your camera (selfies with alpacas) and please leave your dogs at home.  This is a great opportunity for a family outing, or educational experience for all, children and adults!  Schedule a farm tour today by calling 503-269-1673 (Kolette).  Questions are always welcomed.

Sunday, March 3, 2024